Video Production

I love to produce videos and I produce for a wide variety of things. Music videos are pretty much my favorite, but I like to shoot short films too. And, of course, edit as well.

Current Projects:

TechShowsYou Media & TechitOut News YouTube channel

  • Bi-weekly tech show
  • Periodic reviews and news updates in video form
  • I also write for this stuff too but that’s a bit off topic…

Zudon Films

  • Not really a project, but I do shoot stuff for this. Mostly corporate interviews and things of that sort, but we do YouTube channel intros and big productions as well.

Upcoming Projects:

What am I doing next? Well, I haven’t really decided.

Things I do know for sure are a few ZF projects

  • Music Video (still in early planning stages)

There are really two things I enjoy: Producing video, and making $$$ from doing that. So, you, know… if you have any projects me and my team can produce for you, we will jump at the chance. We are really good at it too.


Zudon Films

You’ve already heard I produce as ZF, or Zudon Films. But here’s exactly what we do:

  • Full video prodction
  • Custom music for your production
  • Music video production (this includes recording audio and, of course, putting it all together. Plus, we can try to take care of finding a venue, as well as help you get rights for the music you use, and maybe even help you sell your video/songs, if we are in a good mood)
  • We provide equipment (obviously). This is expensive stuff and we always need more of it. So you could always support us by donating via Paypal….Please? []