Hire Me

I can do quite a few different things.

I can write, and I like doing it. I’ve paid people to write on my site, and people have paid me to write on theirs’. I can write about all sorts of topics, especially technology, including product/service reviews. Contact me on Twitter for a fast response (@keegandonley) or email me at keegandonley [at] me [dot] com.

I also can shoot video. Full productions actually. You can check out my video page or check out my professional site, Zudonfilms.

Graphic Design

I do a lot of graphics for different purposes. Wallpapers, apps, icons, etc. If you want me to design something, contact me. We can work something out, I’m sure. Check out some of the design projects I’m working on here!

Another thing I can do is photography. My photography page has some of that on it you can check out.

Lastly, I also beta test applications. I’ll test and review your app before you release it, or participate in your beta program. I will test apps either for free or for pay, depending on the situation*.

*Situation depends on how your company or the developer normally handles the testing process.


If any of these things seem interesting to you, you can reply to me on twitter (@keegandonley), or email me at keegandonley [at] me [dot] com