Apps for School

There are so many apps that get me through the school day, I thought I should put them all together. That, and I want to do anything besides do my math homework.

I’ll be updating this as I think of other useful apps I use on my iPad for school. It’s late and I’m tired.

1. Notability- 60% off! $1.99 – iPad and iPad mini

Notability is THE ultimate notetaking app. It allows me to type, draw, hilight, and add other annotations, all while using the built-in mic to record classes and lectures. With built-in, Dropbok, Google Drive, and Web-Dav syncing, your data is always safe, and on all your devices.


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


2. iStudiez Pro- $2.99 -iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Mac

iStudiez is the world’s most advanced assignment planner. It knows my schedule, down to the minute, so it can keep track of which assignments are due first. It also knows when assignments are due, and alerts me so I don’t forget to do them. With full iOS calendar integration, I can check my extra-carricular schedule to make sure I can fit all my assignments.

photo 5 photo 4

3. Evernote – Free – iPhone, iPad, iPad mini

Evernote is highly regarded as the best document sync solution, but at $44.99 a year, a premium account can be pricey. For my needs, however, I only need the free account. I can easily sync notes from a research project between all my devices, and easily add web clips while working on a school project, my newest film, or a YouTube video. Very useful.



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