School’s Almost Out

Finals Suck. That’s about all I have to say. But come summer, you’ll be seeing a video every day or every other day on TechShowsYou. Yes, get excited for that. That equals more content for you, and more $$ for … Continue reading

Keegan Color Poster

My Name

I was bored waiting for a show to come on so I made this. Paint-splat style letters of my name!


Thrift Shop Cover

What’s up everyone, I thought I’d share a little music video I made with Wesley, Kyle, Maereg, Alex, and Yina! It’s a cover of thrift shop. I can’t say it’s my best work, but considering it was filmed in 4 … Continue reading


iPad wallpaper

Hello to those who see this! I was bored before bed so I spent 10 minutes and made this wallpaper for my iPad. It could actually have a variety of uses so I’ll explore more uses later, but for now … Continue reading

TSY Shirt Logo

TSY Shirt Designs

Here’s some possible designs I came up with for TechShowsYou and TechitOut News. These are only early designs and are not necessarily what the final product will look like.