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I’ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Keegan, but you can tell that from the header. If you want to skip all this, just head over to my blog. If you want to learn interesting stuff about me, keep reading. Also, I’ll answer some FAQ’s about my businesses/services offered. First things first, what do I do.

  • I play alto and soprano saxophone
  • I do a good deal of photography
  • I’m a video producer, so I plan, design, shoot, edit, and distribute videos. I shoot with a friend as Zudon Films, but I do freelance stuff as well. I’ve got a thing for music videos. I’ll do one of them for you.
  • I write. I’ll write for you too. This page can help you out with that. You’re probably wondering where I write, so I’ll tell you. I write on TechitOut News. (BTW I own it too) Now you know, so go check it out. Please? But I’m not begging because I have plenty of traffic already. But, more is better. So click here.

A big question I get asked a lot: CAN I MAKE APPS?

Answer: yes and no and it kind of depends on the situation. I say this because I am in the process of learning to make apps. (Yes, even I still have things to learn about computers) So, if the app you want is simple, or you have some knowledge of Objective-C yourself, yes I can help you with you app. Contact me on Twitter @keegandonley But say you have something more complicated to make. I won’t say I won’t help you, because a) I am always looking for a challenge and a chance to learn, and b) I am always looking for $$$$$. So just ask. Same Twitter name.


Why are there ads here!? 

Yes, I know no one likes ads. Even I don’t. But, I need to support this site and my other endeavors. TechShowsYou is 99.99% funded by Adsense, and so is this site. Don’t worry, the ads aren’t too intrusive so don’t worry about that!